Friday, July 4, 2008

When Bad things happen to GOOD people........

I always wonder WHY the kind, giving, and selfless people in this world get screwed .

On Wed evening, a coworker was burglarized. This is a women who has already had to overcome a fair share of adversity in the past year, which to me, makes it so much more UNFAIR. Not to mention, she was supposed to leave today to compete in Quelle Roth, a race in which she has (of course!) been training for since last summer. She has friends in Germany. She and her husband were so EXCITED.....They planned to arrive a week early, stay a week after to tour and all of us, they had mentally and physically prepared for months to race an IM distance.... And now, because of some senseless, self-entitled JERK(S) (I am keeping it PG! Though I can think of much better titles for these people) things just won't be the same.

They took it, jewels, china, electronics, 3 computers........6 bikes!!!!!!!!!!! With the help of good friends and family, however, we all pulled together to make sure that she didn't miss her flight this morning.....I called her and offered my bike, to which she said " You are the 5th person to do that, thanks I found one that'll work!".....Her husband, being the totally kind and loving guy that he is (and determined to put the clues together to figure out these perpetrators....) opted out of racing, but INSISTED on my friend going......I am so very happy that she decided to go!!!! She owes it to herself and those a$$holes that ripped her off to have a GREAT RACE, a FUN VACATION, and a personal best!!!!


On a quite random side note, Christina and I were pedaling at the ripe hour of 5am down Catalina Hwy to Mt Lemmon...we were interval-ing up the hill and during our warm-up saw the most BIZARRE thing: A ball of fire and smoke covering the whole road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our curiosity go the best of us, and we proceeded to chase the flames, only to see swarms of fire and police officers attacking a small car fire!!!! The good news: The owner had clearly escaped and was being attended to at the side of the road!! Too much action for a Fri morning....

HAPPY 4th of JU-LY to all!! enjoy your food, family, and God bless!