Monday, June 30, 2008

At the request of Bree (and other bloggers!)

10 Years ago I was:
Finishing my 2nd year of college and transferring back to Ohio University (and starting to think about doing a Triathlon!?! Hmmmmmm)

5 Years ago I was:
Preparing to begin my graduate degree in exercise science at Ithaca College
(and debating training for my 3rd IM......still debating....;)

1 Year ago I was:
Dreading the fact that I was almost 29 and still not married/homeowner/didn't know what I wanted to do with my life...and still single! (hehehehe)

*Disclaimer* I am now today, EXCITED about turning 30 and loving the fact that the best times are ahead, right?.........

5 things on my TO DO list today:
Mail my student loan check
Deposit another check (see a trend!)
Get my long run in
Pick up a Rx
Send a thank you note to a friend

5 Snacks (only 5!!!):
Granola Bar
Peanut Butter *Disclaimer*this goes well with all of the above

If I were a Billionnaire::
Pay off all school loans/debt for my family
Buy "vacation" homes in Hawaii, New England, Italy, Australia.....etc and of course, host fabulous training get-aways for all of my homeys
Be more philanthropic with time and money
Buy more bikes!!

5 People I would want to have lunch with:
My Grandma Helen
My Mom
My Best Friend Joanna
Steve Carrell (cause he'd make me laugh)
Kathy Griffin (because she's absolutely nutty!)

5 Places I have lived:
Dayton, OH
Bloomington, IL
Athens, OH
Ithaca, NY
Tucson, AZ

5 Jobs I have had:
Grocery Store Cashier
Ice Cream Scooper/Sundae Maker
YMCA Fitness Attendant
Exercise Physiologist, Cardiac Rehabilitation


Ashley said...

Thank you for being excited about turning 30... I'm not quite there yet, but am trying to wrap my brain around the concept ;) Ah, late 20's, single, still wondering what's out there. Phew, I'm not alone.

BreeWee said...

Thanks for playing!
Hope the long run was fun!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

When did you live in Bloomington, IL? I went to college at ISU!!! GO GO GO! And, when I turned 30 I thought I was OLD. Yep. And, bananas as a snack...!? Where is your chocolate! Ok, and I will get in touch with you closer to our trip to Tucson and let you know what is up. I will climb Mt. Lemmon one day for sure - and god knows I can not ride with SS and Jerome! :) PS I do not have your cell # anymore, but I will get it before I head out, and give you a heads up on what I am going to do....:) Jen H.

Joanna said...

Oh...Totally awesome, I made it to your blog. I am sincerely honored. I did, for one brief moment, create a blog, called Joanna's Ponderings or something along those lines. But, I never posted, not even one entry. I have the address someplace on my desk in Madison, I will have to see if the site still exists. Day was really great actually. Much calmer than last week and it was cool to see all these young kids from all over. There is one girl that has a Rwandan Dad/American Mom. Girl after my own heart, wouldn't you say!?! Love to you Dinker Bottoms...

Meredith said...

Awh, my BFF you get your blog up and running...we will have more than one means of connecting....Rwandan daddy and USA mommy?!?! I do LOVE it....:) Hugs, Miss you dearly....we can have a virtual lunch date!:) :)