Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank God for Good Friends........

Those who know me well know that the past few months have been particularly low due to a variety of "changes" (if you will).....The cycling season ended a bit early (April) as I took on some new challenges by adding a full-time summer class to my already busy work schedule, thus reducing my hours at work and trying to bang this thing out so I can move ahead with a new career.........

On the relationship front, I have been quite down in the dumps.....I feel like I am so damn sick of dealing with men who claim they are "ready," when really, they have no clue what they want. In fact, the idea of dating anyone right now, frankly, scares the $hit outta me! Warning to the wise: If he's still living with mom (even if he claims its "Temporary"--he's really never planning to move out!) And on that note, she's the one you are competing with--not some other young thing!!!l! ;)

Which brings me to my homeys: Kendra and Cindy!!! Kendra is my wonderful "Married" (like its a disease or something) optimist, who is quick to schedule a lunch date, a ride or swim, or just some good ol' time to chill , even though her schedule is busier than Obama right now.....She's just completed her first year of residency and I swear, she never sleeps and still manages to lead a much more vibrant social life than yours truly, and I have NO excuses!!!!

Cindy is the most analytical, yet kind-hearted person you will meet. She is there (even if only on text messages lately! HA!::) if you need a quick pick me up, or to grab a beer and just vent....she's lived through many more "life experiences" than myself, so I definitely take to heart her points of view, and her ability to pick up and move on.

Its no wonder that these past few months I have really called upon my girls to cheer me up and bring to light what really matters in life : YOUR FRIENDS
(In fact, no sooner did my heart break and Kendra was there with wine, my favorite dinner, ice cream, cookies, and an entire night of consoling my tears ! Thanks K!!!)

So here's to my two best Tucsonans....I love you girls more than you know and we've got many good times ahead!

:) MP


Ashley said...

M... thank you for the comment! In visiting your blog, I already feel a connection ;) I think you and I are on the same "relationship wavelength". Men, Augh! ~A