Friday, July 18, 2008

Its a New Day.....

So, I do this about once per year. I take about a week--and when I say a "week" I really mean about 3-5 days--where basically I do NOTHING.....absolutely freakin' nothing.....

1) Eat things that I would normally deem "toxic"--usually things WITHOUT a shelf life.....ya, you KNOW what I am talking about............
2) Eat more....and this involves pantry raids at work AND at home.
3) Sit around. ALOT of this. Both morning, noon, and night.
4) Sleep in "late"--in the tri/swim/bike/run world, that would be about 7-730am
5) Take a lazy morning in before work. Get up calmly and gently at 7am, turn on coffee, take LONG shower. Sit. Read. Drink coffee. Repeat. Go to work all jacked up on caffeine since my efforts to pre-metabolize caffeine with a hard a.m. workout are temporarily halted.
6) Think about working out ("Oh, its so nice out, perhaps I should run 45min after work and hit the gym for my core session.") Then go home, eat cereal and soy milk for dinner, watch tv, take ANOTHER shower, read book. Fall asleep in front of TV. Repeat for next 4 nights!

The funny thing is, I have not trained nor raced seriously since April. And it is now late July. This little break, which would have been better scheduled for me in early May, has taken awhile to get to, but I am glad for it. I am motivated, driven and excited to get my goal in gear.

And perhaps, I will share that with you all very soon. Lets just say it'll certainly involve more running than cycling soon. And a continuation of the long and hard swim efforts that I have been doing more of these days. TBC!!!

Tomorrow is a run/bike. Let's just see what happens!!
I'm fueled, hydrated, rested, and ready for what's next!


Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey MER! Ok...isn't cereal for dinner the BEST!!? oh yes! I can not typically, but when I am not working out I can & love it. Glad you enjoyed your R&R! I do those breaks too in the season - much welcomed! :) Jen H.