Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another weekend in Blogville.........

Happy end of a lovely 4th of July weekend......Started Fri morning (see previous blog entry) with a "firey" climb/intervals up the lemony-flavored Lemmon.......followed by a short day of work, a nice "cruise"/recovery swim in the lovely Oro Valley pool.....followed by a determined bargain hunt at Old Navy for something "cute" to wear to Kendra's times, too many chips and peanut M&Ms (HOLLA!!!!!!!!)later and I am in my bed (lame!) before fireworks because of rain delay (*Fireworks went off sometime after 10pm! Too late for this endura-dork!)

Up and at 'em at 630, fueling with coffee and brekky, at pool at 0800-0945 for a "long"(and HARD) swim and then off to jobby-job for a few hours.....Bike shop for some tweaks on my brakes, haircut (the important things in life, really!) then out for more errands.......and home for a "Sat night frazzler" with the Shauna....a new fun drink for us!! Makes us feel like old grannies but seriously refreshing on a hot humid Tucson night: lime twist with vodka and soda...MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! I think it was 5pm....but on the holiday weekend I think its acceptable to drink at 430pm??? Anyone..????

Early evening for me on Sat after catching up with friends, and the standard "fat burning" ride on Sunday....4.5 hrs of steady climbing and cruising up Lemmon and back home....Core workout in the evening, some serious cleaning ....I also "rode" the couch with some TDF (I FREAKIN LOVE JULY!!!!!! Hooray!!!,......and wouldn't you know its back to Sunday night and time to git 'er done for the week ahead........

Yay for a short week--Off to Ohio on Wed for 5 days to celebrate my big 3-0 and my stepsister's wedding! should be a wild time! ;0


Jennifer Harrison said...

3-0!!! Happy Birthday! Oh, how super!!!! ENJOY your weekend (week) away and have a super birthday!!!! wooh hoooooo! Jen H. :)