Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smoothies, something that people like to blog about:)

Yum. My most favorite treat after a long ride/swim/run whatever whatever. Heck, it doesn't even have to be that long for me to enjoy it, but definitely rewarding in flavor and quality calories after any of the above!

I crave cold, delicious, always-creamy smoothies in the summer, and hot, robust coffee (+ cream and some sprinkles--er, tbsp--of Sugar in the Raw!) post workout. Sugar, I know, bad. I have been trying to cut the 2 pack per day habit, its just so hard. Agave is just not the same!!! :(

Here's my recipe, altered almost daily, but you get the idea:

'Nana Berry Blast

*1 banana
*1/2 cup non fat plain yogurt or 1/2 cup unsweetened Almond milk or 1/4 each of both
(depends on desired creamy-ness. Usually I do the yog!!!!)
*1 scoop unsweetened unflavored Soy Protein Powder-also varied depending on length of ride
($4.99 at Trader Joe's for a HUGE tub-Best deal in the store!)
*Variable amount of Frozen Berries (blue, raz, black) and/or Pineapple bits (large handful)

here's where it gets tricky:) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS blend 'nana, milk/yog, and protein powder together. Perfection in terms of superb smoothness. Then add frozen fruits, and other delectables

Other things I throw in for mood enhancement/life energy:
*Agave syrup, just a dash
*Very Greens- delicious green supplement powder at TJ's also
*Bee Pollen
*Almonds (soaked in Water overnight, makes them blendable!)
*MMMMMM Peanut Butter, a scoop if I feel like a real treat!

While I am really trying to get others into the art of smoothie making, my famous "breakfast" treat has only been dubbed one hilarious nickname by my bro and sis : "The $hit Shake"
Need I really say more!?!?!?!

Happy Smoothie Making


Jen said...

Hey! I've seen you comment on some of our mutual blog friends' blogs...I didn't know you were in Tucson. Did you read that Jen H. is doing a camp here in the winter? How cool is that!

I can relate to the "family preasures" when it comes to smoothies...My sister thinks it is child abuse when I feed smoothies to my kids :) As far as she is concerned, if I am going to "make" them drink smoothies - I may as well have them chained to the wall in the basement.

Train-This said...

Have you ever tried Acai????? I know you'd love it!

:-) mary

Mel said... add peanut butter too..My husband thinks I am nuts for doing that...but it taste just like a milk shake and I am the JUNK FOOD if it can taste that good and still be healthy WHY NOT!!!! I will have to try some more of the ingredients that you mentioned...yummy for shit shakes:)

kerrie said...

that is a good idea to blend the powder first, never thought of that and have always added it wonder i always get little lumps. i also like rice protein powder too when i trying to get away from too much soy.