Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phelps Phanatacism!

Sorry Mary! I stole your terminology...but we are still duking it out for the biggest fan award.

Rest assured, the world still turns. And things still happen. And yet, in the midst of it all, in the silence of the operating room today, Michael Phelps is getting yet another shout out.

As some of you know, I am gearing for a career as a Phys. Asst. Today, I was fortunate enough to scrub in for a a few surgeries with a fellow colleague, Kim, who is a PA for an orthopaedic practice here in Tucson. About 40 min into a rotator cuff redo, the surgeon randomly announced how excited he was about the Olympics. Up until that point, the only sound I heard was the grinding of gristly tendon, scar tissue, and fat as it was sucked out of the shoulder. Arggg!!!

MICHAEL freakin PHELPS....maybe he should run for president. I mean, he's got another 4 years to kill before he's gotta get ready for 2012. One term, that should be enough. One thing's for sure- He could help solve the ever-growing lazy ass/obesity epidemic that is plaguing the nation.

Food--or exercise--for thought.


Train-This said...

PHELPS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! I LOVE IT! And sister, Lochte can be yours. Although we can't rule out Mister Cool.... Aaron Piersol. Man will we be busy with dating when these guys come home. I hope my husband doesn't mind! He said he loved Nathalie Coughlin but I told him he is too old!

BreeWee said...

I am having too much fun passing between you and Mary's blogs and the Phelps fun! Man he is good on the eyes, I think I am a Lochte fan though, he can take me surfing :)

I had to laugh because on my morning off I am catching up on my friends blog reading and I went to Mary first, she is all about Phelps, then to you, you are all about Phelps, but then I see Rach and I almost pee my pants! She is still staling Obama! Breakfast went flying... the hottie Olympians on and she is on a mission to catch Obama, that girl cracks me up!

You & Mary should toss a coin for Phelps!