Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blind Date....and getting my MO-JO back...

Its not what you think. Blind dates. Pretty disappointing in my 30-yrs young experience. Usually its all. "Oh Mere I know this nice guy," "Oh nice guy, I know this girl Mere.." yada the story goes.....two nice people. Nice. Yeah, that's important. But frankly, nothing else in common.

I've said it time and time again. I want an athletic guy. A guy who favors a long ride over marathon-sessions of SportsCenter....A man who can (Oi!!!!Love this one!!).......Fix my bike...:) :) clean my drivetrain, help me when something is "off"....because obviously if he rides, he'll be overly skilled in bike maintenance as well.

And he should be handsome. Not conventional. Not, "ohhhhmyyyygodddd he is soooooooooo hottttttttttttttt." In fact, a bit goofy. A lot goofy. And smart. Smart guys are good. And if they happen to be on the fit, trim, leaner side, that's just perfect. Michael Phelps has a nice bod. In case anyone is taking notes.

I love to laugh. If tears are flowing from my eyes, its usually just me laughing till my belly hurts from this funny guy. Because really, don't you just feel better when you laugh. And bonus: You smile, so that makes you feel good.

He's out there. Who knows where. But I'll meet him.


Oh, and the MO-JO, I got that back on my 3.5 hr ride this am. First time in months I am craving a stage race. A big, fat juicy hunk of stage race. .....with a side order of hot sexy cyclist man for dessert......TBC....:)


chrissy parks said...

I'm feeling better - just shaken up a bit.
If you happen to find the place where those type of strapping, fine men frequent, let me know.
Glad to hear you're ready to get back at the racing. You'll kick some "A" I'm sure!

BreeWee said...

Oh boy... men! Hope you get the one that makes you smile till you laugh so hard you cry!
Oh, I am totally taking your idea for a skimpy bikini swim to help the bike tan, shoot, I may even do it skinny dip style in the ocean!