Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm all NBC

That's right, at least for the next few weeks:) Its OLY TIME!! and it only comes around every 4!

Some random thoughts:

1) Lacey Nymeyer, a Tucson chick, is swimming the 4x100 with abs-o-rockin steel DT. .

2) I have recently introduced some DT moves into my core workout. I think by 2010 I may come an inch closer to having 1/4 of her ab power!

3) Did you see the awful news of a 2004 Olympian's father being stabbed to death while sightseeing in Beijing? What's the deal with all of the crazy-f$cks in this world?

4) Did anyone catch Bob Costas' random slam at Venezuela last night during the Parade of Nations...oil prices, anyone?

5) Speaking of Costas, whats up with his hair!?! Toupe? or"Just for Men" ? take your pick:)

Happy viewing, I am settling into another evening of riding the couch and enjoying the competition!!!!:)
(and I muse at why I can't get a date....ehehhehehehehe)