Sunday, August 3, 2008

I went All The Way.

Ya, that's correct. All the way. First time ever. And it was all that I hoped it would be and more.

I climbed to the top of Mt. Lemmon. All estimated 9,000ft of it from Le Buzz parking lot. Can you believe that this self-proclaimed "competitive cyclist " has spent 3 years in the beautiful Tucson desert and never, not once, climbed to the very top!

I have pedaled 3, 85-100 mile days throughout the Gila forest of NM, on vertical switchbacks of 15-20% grades. Raced the never-ending State Hill Climb that is Mt. Graham---a climb that makes Lemmon look like a bump in the road. So what is the deal!??? I should be taking advantage of what is practically heaven in my backyard. (Shoot, Jen H was here for like, 1 min, and she was already on her TT bike climbing to the top! I have NO excuses)....

Well, maybe a few:

1) I am annal and enjoy my "warm up" before a climb. Translation: I generally start 20 miles from Mt Lemmon and climb once I get there (which is then, only about 10-15 miles up!)

2) My homey teammates and their damn coaches (hehehe! !!!!!
One of my many friends :"Oh well, you see I am only supposed to ride 36.7 mins of effort and then the other 53.12 minutes should be in Zone blah blah blah...."

3) Up until last Christmas, (thanks mom!) I did not own an iPod. There's only so much mental fatigue you can handly while being vertically destroyed on Lemmon monster!

4) I can't think of any other good excuse. So I just thought, hell, I'll climb it.

Without further adieu, August 3, 2008 (which, is nearly 3 years to the DATE that I first came to Tucson) will go down as the day when I was de-virginized on Lemmon.

HOW WAS IT, my first time?!?!?!? Ohh, ahhh.....oooooh!!!! I felt strong, got passed by lots of people, passed a few people myself, had no mechanicals, no errors in nutrition/hydration, and managed to feel pretty damn good when I pulled into the Visitors Center to fill bottles, drop trou, and be on my merry way back down with my crew who finally, much to the dismay of their coaches' orders, climbed with me to the top! Hooray!

I am tired, and feeling great all at the same time. 8hrs in the saddle this weekend + CORE. Coulda woulda shoulda snuck a run/swim in there, but you know my philosophy: QUALITY v. Quantity! And indeed, it was just that!

Was hoping for that "bikini" recovery swim (Bree!!) but its about to pour and frankly, I am just trashed. So instead, I am going for a nice rain walk to shake out the legs, and sit on my couch as the weekend fades into Monday.....

This week looks to be pretty fun for both training and social I am excited!!
Until next time.....: )


Train-This said...

WAAAAAAAAAY to go! What an achievement!

Bob Mitera said...

I love the climb to the top of Mt. Lemmon. I hope you got pie at the top. (That isn't code for anything...just fantastic blueberry pie up there at the cafe.)

We might come there in March again.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ok, Mer...seriously, you have never been up to the top of MT Lemmon? I didn't realize that!!! No wonder you were probably thinking i was nuts when I did it nearly 2x this past weekend. Eeks!!! GOOD FOR YOU! But, an ipod? Hmmm, I don't think I could do that one. Nice work! Jen H. :) Can't wait to come out again!

BreeWee said...

What a stud! So wish I could have been there for that ride! Pretty funny post too... like the lil' jokes!

By the way, that ingredient list you gave me, I am with ya! We would be the best grocery shopping buds, I have all that and use that stuff! Okay, add this to yours if you don't already... aloe! Just drink a bit every day straight from the jar- you can google all the benefits but I have that on my list too!

Happy riding!

Train-This said...

Hey again! I am not sure if the U of R has a PA program (but I have a head injury) they have a great NP program and RIT has a really good PA program. I think there are a few other places around too. You shoudl DEFINATLEY come back to Upstate!

chrissy parks said...

I love Lemmon. I'm on that mountain in some way, shape or from 3x a week.
Climbing back out of Summerhaven is PAINFUL!!
I don't go for the pie -- I prefer the gigantic pumpkin cookies!!

Ashley said...

I wanna go!! Take me to the top... Awesome, sounds like so much fun.