Friday, January 9, 2009

Whine and Wine...........

I am a lover of wine. And lately, the more I whine, the more I wine. Well, not in a bad way, so to speak. I am good with my intake, a glass some nights of the week with dinner...Perhaps more often, not necessarily a large serving. My faves are generally whatever is on sale at TJ's for less than $6, and I am always a sucker for anything dark red, but particularly the lighter ones like Zin, and Pinot Noir. White wine, though I rarely turn down a glass (!), tends to give me a gnarly headache, and hangover, no matter how little I consume

Apparently my wine goes hand-in-hand with my whine, because that seems to be more prevalent as well. This knee/ITB syndrome/hip/What-the-hell-is-wrong-already thing is really becoming quite the bugger....While I have been swimming my little butt off and feeling fabulous in the water, my leg is both literally and figuratively at a stand still...No running, going on 14 days today! It sucks! (and since its Fri, how about a glass of Cabernet while I am at it)

I just need to put it out there: Has ANYONE, ANYWHERE, in the land of Blogville, ever had a lingering knee issue that feels almost like a pressure of fluid building up around their lower quad/and posterior knee that is not pain but tension???

I have broken down and made an appt with a sports med MD, which being in the industry, I have finally taken my own advice...I stretch, I ice, I rest, I cycle, I swim, nothing is really making it any better, so I am at a loss. My only hope is that it really is just a bad ligament sprain or strain, and not a tear to something requiring an operation. Damn, health is something I really take for granted. And I miss my pain-free body. Whine, ya, that's twice in one paragraph. Pathetic.

Madison, on the other hand, is so pretty and snowy today, it just makes me want to layer it all on an run in the park. Shit. There I go again, whine. No running. So I will wax up my skis, take off into the beautiful hills and try my hand at some more skiing. The conditions look to be stellar, and its things like this that keep me hoping I will be back to my old self really soon.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and lovely winter weekend filled with a moderate dose of wine and a minimal amount of whine!