Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tue Happenings

While most of everyone in the country was busily streaming the Inauguration on their desktops at work, I managed to attempt streaming 4x's without much luck. Ok, as I can always watch it later tonight online.......

Apparently age doesn't do much for eyesight. At my annual opthamology exam, I was told that 1) I have an astigmatism (tha hell is that??!?!) 2) my eyes have worsened by almost 3 levels in BOTH eyes 3) my insurance doesn't cover new contacts or glasses
Bummer on all accounts, but amazing how new Rx can make a world of a difference. Was that light green or red? And apparently I am no longer color blind

Tue Masters was eventful. In honor of CHANGE TODAY we wore flippers for the kick set. SOME change it was. Hard. And flippers I've always thought to be the wimpy way to kick. Put some glute and fire those abdominals, not so easy. In fact, a nice challenge that I welcome.

Madison is warming up, and though it would have been a most perfect afternoon to run--sunshine, pleasant winter air, and the best yet, off work early- my gut is telling me to giver a go one more week without it. At this point I've been off running for just shy of 4 weeks, what's another few days if it means I come back healthier and stronger!?!?? Besides, my butt is still stiff from marathon cross country ski sessions over the weekend and a little biff I took coming down a steep hill.

I am behind on my ABC addictions- Grey's, Private Practice, and Brothers and Sisters-so I will fire up the rollers and punch out some indoor miles and core training instead. I have also discovered a "create your own radio station" on Yahoo.com that just about rules!!!! You pick the artists/songs. It soooooooooooo makes the time fly by when you are stuck indoors.

Off to train, until next time


Jen said...

Jen Lynn (hearts) Grey's and Private Practice :) but what the heck is up with the Izzy and dead guy story line? I don't get it.