Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Core Exercises!!! (thank GOD!)

So, I have been mulling and griping, and frankly just dragging my feet...Or my leg, for that matter, in the past week! I finally had an appointment today to see a Sports Med specialist to figure out WTF is wrong with my left leg!

If you live under a rock, then you probably haven't heard that the entire middle section of our country is in a glacial freeze right now, and Madison, WI is certainly no exception! In fact, I think we may be in the top 5 right now of COLDEST cities in the USA...I am sure some random North Dakota town has out done us, but that's a fight I will let them win..I promise, this tangent of weather patterns has something to do with my damn knee and stupid injury, so read on...

This morning, after a solid 20 miles indoors on the rollers, I geared up post shower to head to work...knowing that the temps were in the -10's and dropping, I layered like a good girl and walked speedily to work, as my entire body continued to freeze every step I walk to work is about 10 min/-/+ so opting to cut the time, I picked up the pace and ran in the snowboots for the last 200 yds!! BIG F*n mistake! My knee was stiff the remainder of the afternoon..

Good, however, was the appt I had at 2pm to see Dr. Gronski and Deb-Athletic Trainer extraordinaire! I was so impressed with both evaluations I received from them, and Deb remained in the room to perform some myofascial release on my SI joint, hip, and piriformis... Dr. Gronski doesn't seem to think that its more than just imbalance in the SI joint, which in turn is sending negative energy and inflammation down my IT band, hip, knee, and consequently causing other bursitis, tendonitis. In fact, he seems to think that this will heal relatively quickly if I am a good student and do my homework in the form of core work, ice, and slowly introducing running to my regimen again

Deb offered up some new exercises, which I will post later with instructions! (want to make sure they work!!!) I am stoked, and after my evening trainer session, I hit up the gym for some work! I love new stuff, and I am hoping I have that "good" soreness tomorrow from the workout!

Here's to getting running shoes have cobwebs and they miss me!


Jen said...

Hope you feel better soon! Try to stay warm :) I won't tell you what the temp in Tucson was today.