Friday, December 12, 2008


I just finished a swim-heavy workout week....And I am loving it! I think I may have posted this before, but I am certain that I missed my calling in HS...grade school, for that matter!! I would've been a half-decent swimmer had I received better instruction earlier on, but you can't go back, right!?!?!?

My new Masters' group is kicking my booty...tons and tons of drills, lots of timed efforts, lots of ways to really work myself in about 50-60 min....Now, truly, some will think this is crazy, but I have NO PROBLEM most days being in the water for 90/+ mins of a hard effort in less than that I really feel it....Today we did lots of 100's timed, broken up into easy, build, and all-outs, and then some deep water kicking!! Fun stuff....

I am happy to report that 40 min on Wed of "SNOWSHOE" running proved to be ok for my ITb to tolerate and I am going to keep at it this weekend...a high of 40degrees Sunday may even allow for some outdoor riding! OOOOHHH, excitement!! More to follow, but my patients are waiting and there is work to be done!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Madeleine said...

Hi!!!! I've been meaning to get ahold of you-school's been eating me alive! You need to send me your email address. Not sure I'm making it to AZ anymore; might have to do that thing called "working" instead. :( What have you been up to? I'll have to read your blog today between study sessions and see I guess..;)