Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Random Thurs

I am first responding to Amanda Lovato's thoughts on the LOVE/HATE Treadmill (b/c of some nasty blogger, I guess you can't leave her any messages anymore??) The irony is I was JUST THINKING THE SAME THING last night as I trudged through the snow....

I HATE THE treadmill...I would rather pick my nose and eat it.....I would rather pick up someones dirty diaper and accidently get their crap on myself...I would rather do just about anything in the world EXCEPT run on a treadmill...its boring, its bouncy, there's nothing fun to look at, I can't focus as well, I get too sweaty, I hate how I feel like I don't get a "Real workout" in when running on one...but I am starting to think with the temps hitting the -10's that it may be my only option if I train early....bummer.....

Other randomness

YAKTRAX....HELLO!! Who is the genius that invented these!?!? After 30 times nearly-falling last night running (nearly cracking my skull) I walked to the running store on the way home from my work (where I also walk to and from everyday)and bought some of these fun little additions. Best damn $25 I ever spent, as I felt like my feet were GRIPPING the ice on my run last night.....they are cheap, they are easy, and you can even wear them with real shoes...score!

2nd thought (not as fun.....My knee is STILL giving me troubles...I have found that it doesn't hurt per se but it does seem to feel stiff if I stand in one place (ie, work) or sit for too long...but running doesn't hurt it???

Thoughts!?!?? I am interested in anyone's feedback...I can pinpoint the ITband and also the fact that after I run the next day the back of my knee feels "tight"--as if I pulled my hamstring/and/or/calf muscle a "pain" but stiffness, and it remains a little swollen....ok well, I know, I've seen an MD, whose a friend and a runner, and he thinks ? is when does it go away if you are only running a few times a week for very short distances???


Angi Axmann said...

Hi there- that is so awesome that you found me and then I found you!!! What what what? IT Band, you moved (or not)- I am so confused, you should write me an email about what has been going on in your life!!! Yeah, I am back in Germany, but will be back in the US in middle February to do Tri's!!!
I can't tell you how excited I am that we reconnected!!!
Oh I hate treadmillruns also and it is working different muscles, because only running on a treadill gives me a sore butt!!! :-)

I am excited to hear form you,

Joanna said...

Good posting...And cute new pic!

Josh said...

ITB...the foam roller, a.k.a. pillar of pain, or whoobie (as you will tow it around like Linus). It will hurt so badly but will cure what ills you.