Monday, December 8, 2008

A Snowy Weekend ;)

What a weekend!! I thought that after the first snowfall, about a week ago, I'd perhaps be ready for my Tucson winter of 70-degrees...But I am suprising myself and adjusting ever-so-nicely! (I know, I know, talk to me in a month....I may eat my words!) For now, things are pretty fun!

Fri AM I joined fast-mama Aimee for a gander on the golf course in the Snowshoes..For those not familiar, these are NOT your Grandpa's tennis-racket style kind used to hike thru the woods in search of dinner....We runners buy the light, aerodynamically-minded style that slip on and off, allowing you to pummel through mounds of snow and get your HR up to a solid LT effort! Can you say MAX Test?!!?? I forgot just how challenging of a workout I get on these..And I am not kidding when I say you can absolutely do some damage in about 30/+ min on the hills! Even my little 3hr-marathon friend was feeling it after 40min!!! Not too shabby....So much fun that I ended up out there again on Sat, for a 2nd go at nice little lady x-country skiing muttered to her husband, "I didn't even know you could run in Snowshoes!"

Back to my reality, post-snowshoe, about 3hrs later that ITband is "better", but that is all relative...I spent some of Sat doing damage control, as my knee became stiffer by the hour! I am so ready to throw the towel in on this one...I ice, I rest (but apparently not enough!), I chow Ibuprofen for dinner (not really, I know about GI bleeds!) and its still there...I have backed off my mileage but unfortunately I need less time running and more time healing...Thanks to Tina's boyfriend/MD resident/SUPER STELLAR runner-and-knower-of-all-run-injuries, he assured me that I was on the path but this little nagging $hit of an injury will take time and I should probably do even less running..

So the answer to that? Purchase a set of rollers for my bike, and work it like the Euro riders do leading up to the races....I managed 1.5hrs on Sun and despite my white-knuckling the hallway door (in fear of FALLING!) I was able to two-hand the latter portion of the ride...not too shabby....I highly recommend for anyone interested in breaking up the boredom of an indoor trainer or those looking to improve bike handling skills...there is NO SLACKING with rollers.

Ahh, all in a day's work......On that note, I am off to pop some more Ibuprofen, ICE the knee for the 8th time today, and wish that I were out running the streets of Madison in anticipation of the 12in we are expected to get tonight....oh the life!


Jen said...

Snowshoes? What have you become!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! I LOVE are blending right into good ol Midwest Fun! We don't snowshoe as much down here b/c it is usually inches of ice and snow and messy..but this December has been painfully snowy. HOPE your ITB is ok! :)