Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Update

Its been months. Decades if you will....I have now been in Madison,WI for officially 6wks, and I am still loving every minute of it. Sure, I had some major hiccups along the way

Car troubles. Random scary AAA tow truck people who hauled my sorry vehicle off an overpass outside of St. Louis. A car that--AGAIN--died as I pulled into a toll booth someplace outside of the Chicago West Suburbs only miles from my aunt's house.

Its been one headache after another- The car, that is....I have thought once or twice about leaving the keys in the ignition, doors open, and just going to bed, only to find it missing by morning. Somehow, I think I may get more money from insurance if I do that.

I have found an awesome running group, that includes a number of really fast men and women who smoke the living crap out of me every time we do a track workout. Geez, haven't done track workouts since 2005, so I am remembering that the body needs to be S L O W L Y introduced to running hard efforts in the same direction again...owwy!!! IT band not so happy....more ice, more recovery!

Cycling has been less than Tucson, no doubt the dreary rain and wind has gotten in my way a few times. But I am still managing to meet some great UW cycling team members, and will be racing for a team out of Milwaukee for the 2009 season! SO STOKED!!

I found a Masters' team that has a COACH, and REAL WORKOUTS! I really missed pushing myself hard in the pool, as much like the track, I haven't done coached workouts other than my own in over 2 yrs! Score!

Oh ya. The job. Heheheheh. The real reason I moved here. Going well. Very well.

More later.


Jen said...

Sounds like you are doing great!

Train-This said...

FINALLY! She's back!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yeah, you are ALIVE! good....ok, what Milwaukee cycling team? And, yes, Madison is great....lots of great athletes up there! SO glad you are adjusting well....and not too cold - yet!
:) Jen H.