Friday, November 21, 2008


The winter season has officially begun. As I set foot out the door Tue morning for a run before work, strategically avoiding the small puddles that had now frozen to ice, I remembered what it was like to experience winter all over again....Let's face it, I have lived thru 27yrs of it and 3yrs without. It was bound to happen!;)

So cold that without avail, I hopped in my car Tue after work and drove fast as I could to Land's End. AHHHHHHHHH.......The smell of new leather boots, sound of squeaky galoshes...and the cozy comfort of a warm down coat (that actually covers my derriere!) Luxurious!

I purchased a very fashionable yet practical number in Chocolate, snagged some sassy bright pink tech shirt for base layering, a pair of warm fuzzy clogs and I was out the door! Shivering, nonetheless..but much warmer than when I started.....

The ITB has been nothing but cranky since starting the track workouts a few weeks back. The more circles I run, the more painful it feels. You know what I say? Screw that. I am D-U-N DUN with all of that until it heals. I skipped a week ago. Felt awesome. Played around with mile repeats this past Wed. Not-so-awesome. So I ice, I rest, I drop the intensity and mileage until I feel good(er!). Time. Tick-freakin-tock.

Until then, I will attempt to perfect the exact number of layers necessary to sustain 3hrs of comfortable riding on a Wisconsin winter's day. I welcome the challenge.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Hee, it is cold, isn't it? I mean, this is unseasonably cold....while you are COLD, we are heading down to tucson for the week....will miss you down there!:) JEN H.