Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When this is what you have to be excited about............

I have sunken to a new level. My life is so standard and boring these days that I was overjoyed this morning when I realized that I could secretly make my "two bag-of-grinds" coffee without anyone giving me hell for making extra-strength brew.....You see, some undercaffeinated people that work in my office seem to have an issue with coffee that-GASP!-is darker than tea!! WTF?!?!..So much, that last week, a post-it note was placed on a freshly-brewed pot of coffee-colored water stating *PLEASE USE ONLY 1 BAG OF COFFEE PER POT PLEASE*....Now, economically, that may be more substantial in a time of great despair. But considering that a) Most people don't drink that CRAP you call coffee b) Everytime I've made a pot, it seems to disappear before I even GET any coffee, I think YOU WHO WROTE THE POST IT are WRONG! I feel so much better after getting that off my chest..To all my coffee snob sistas out there "Can I get an AMEN....a HELL YA..."

So, after realizing this morning that no one in my office makes decaf coffee and there is an empty decaf carafe sitting quietly unused in the pantry, I have opted to secretly brew my double strength blend, without anyone knowing it exists. Pathetically, looking forward to work tomorrow.

In other news, I was able to get out for a short little spin on the bike Tue afternoon. Temps hit the 50's and now that its staying light out until almost 545pm, I can actually get some miles in after a long day in the office. Some good efforts in the pool Tue am, combined with my Sunday mega miles were a good chance to go pretty light and easy. Goal for the week is to hit 150/+ mi. I am at 90mi and its Wed, so we will see. In fact, its more about time not miles. But miles matter. Hell, time sitting on that God damn seat is what counts, loss of feeling in my vajay-jay, then I know I am becoming one with the bike.....But I digress.

Just like Aerosmith, I'm back in the saddle again. With my strong cup of coffee. 1 + 1= AWESOME. I can't wait for race season. Bring it on. I'll be there April 4. Fully caffeinated with miles under my belt. Ready to bring down the house.


Ulyana said...

Hi!!! I really enjoy your blog:) Keep writing! Thank you for following mine as well!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

LOVE THE NEW BLOG look! :)) Hope you are well!