Monday, September 1, 2008


We do eventually come back to our surroundings, familiarities.....and I am doing just that! I had mentioned in a previous blog or two that I was in the midst of some possible "big changes." And friends, those changes are about to happen.

Thurs I was offered a position in Madison, WI that I could simply not turn down! So in about 3-4 weeks here, I will be packing up the Uhaul and heading back to the Midwest to live and work! And the best part? I am so much closer to family, my BFF from college lives there with her hubby, my bro is in Chicago.....and I will be in a town full of beautiful places to train and race! I am really very excited!

The dork in me is more concerned with finding training partners and a cycling and/or triathlon team to join, and less concerned about housing! (Ha! not really, but come on, you have to get your priorities straight, right?)

Its very bittersweet! I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for in Tucson......And we are all starting to realize how very precious those friendships are with one another.....Its rare that you meet people that really get you.....and I have been lucky to meet a whole group of men and women here that do just that!

I just know that I won't lose them, so it makes things a bit less dramatic. Surely there will be tears. But as with anything, you can lose touch with people you truly care about, so it will definitely be hard these first few months!

Don't think I am writing off Tucson! I'll be back...(In fact, I am already seeing how I can score a spot on the America's Dairyland cycling team so that I can come back and race Tucson Bike Classic next April!!!?!?!?!)

So, here's to a positive and bright new change! I am very excited for new possibilities ahead!

Happy Labor Day


Joanna said...

Well, it is official. It made it to the blog! And we're happy to have you move to this Meredith described "hippest city in America." So, today I am going to put on my walking shoes and hike over to the far end of Monroe, I think I saw a "FOR RENT" sign on on those cute little brick buildings. I'll send an update if I have one.. XOXO

Train-This said...

EXCELLENT! Except you accidentally wrote WISCONSIN and not UPSTATE!

Jen said...


and don't'll find lots of new training partners up there!

Ashley said...

CONGRATS!! sounds like everything is moving in a great direction for you.

Train-This said...

This is so weird. I just checked your blog again and you ahve not corrected it to say Upstate New York. You have this thing on Madison.

I will try again tomorrow.


Mel said...

exciting....and as bubbly as you will NOT have problems finding new peeps to hang out with:) Good luck house hunting and with all the packing...ugg:)